Construction and bringing to market of 21 units of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments at 226 Gertrude Street, Gosford, NSW 2205

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$2,025,000 raised of $2,000,000

* Note that this is a No Obligation Expression of interest, you get to review the Prospectus before making any decisions
** The information provided on this webpage is only a summary of the offer and may not contain all the information needed to determine if this offer is right for you. You should read the Prospectus in its entirety which can be downloaded in the Downloads section below as well as on the Project application page once you press the SUBSCRIPTION CLOSED button.



Project Summary

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Hilltop boasts 21 of the most refined and prestigious apartments in the vicinity. Each and every boutique apartment offers uninterrupted north facing aspects which have been carefully crafted to create open light filled areas. Prime locality positions Hilltop on the higher grounds of Gosford which reveals prodigious views across the hillside and nearby greenlands.




Investor Distribution

Distributions of all investor principals and dividends are expected to be completed by Q3 2017. Expected return for investors had been set at 20% over the life of the project. Project is progressing on schedule per project program and is expected to reach practical completion in July-August 2017. Investor returns rank below first mortgagee and is senior to ordinary shareholder returns. a

Suburb Profile

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The Government is spending more than $1b over the next four years to transform Gosford and the Central Coast region, making it more livable, more exciting and better connected. Retail, health, entertainment, recreation, education and roads will all benefit significantly from this substantial infrastructure commitment to the area. The Gosford City Centre Masterplan will encourage more people to both live and work in Gosford, the major centre of the Central Coast. It will draw people to the area with enhanced regional sporting facilities, improved public amenity and new cultural and leisure attractions. Substantial population expansion is anticipated, as is the creation of tens of thousands of jobs, including the relocation of major government offices which will drive the need for quality housing and better amenity.




According to the Central Coast Regional Plan, the Central Coast will see 75,500 more people by 2036, , which will significantly impact upon Gosford, being its regional centre. The Federal Government’s relocation of the ATO and the NSW State


Investment Profile



Structured equity and debt capital.



Investors are paid their return after the First Mortgagee (Bank or other lender) but before the Developer receives any return. Investors are also not liable for any borrowings made in the project by the Developer.

expected returns

Expected Returns

20% Dividend and Repurchase.

returns paid as

Return Paid As

Lump sum payment of Dividend and Repurchase at the end of the Project.



Taxed similar to Debt. Please refer to the prospectus and consult your accountant for specific scenarios.

Project Profile



Gertrude Developments Pty Ltd



24 Months


Current Status

Project is progressing on schedule per project program and is expected to reach practical completion in July-August 2017.





All investments carry a risk. There are a number of risks associated with an investment in the Company. Some of the key risks that may impact on the value of your investment in the Company include: • CONSTRUCTION DELAYS - Weather delays, Industrial action, delay from contractors, soil issues and a number of unforeseen factors can all cause to stoppages of work. • INTEREST RATE RISK - Property prices are often susceptible to interest rate changes. Lower interest rates can lead to more purchasers entering the market driving the prices up and vice versa. Any hikes in the interest rate by the RBA can adversely impact the project by making it harder for potential buyers to access funding to purchase the property. • BORROWER DEFAULT RISK - The Main SPV could default on its obligations to the first mortgagee leading to the first mortgagee stepping in and selling the property at auction. • DEPENDENCE UPON KEY PERSONNEL - The Company depends on the talent and experience of the Company's personnel as its primary asset. Should any of its key personnel leave, this may have a negative impact on the Company. • CONTRACTUAL RISK - There is a risk that contractual counter parties, such as buyers, any technology developers and other project contractors, may default on their obligations to the Company thereby leading to delays. • VALUATION RISK - There is a risk that the valuation analysis undertaken by the SPV on which the decision to proceed with the loan to the Main SPV is defective and does not accurately reflect the value of the property at that time or on completion of the development. • GENERAL ECONOMIC CONDITIONS - The Company’s operating and financial performance is influenced by a variety of general economic and business conditions including the level of inflation, interest rates and government fiscal, monetary and regulatory policies.


How To Invest

Please read the Prospectus and complete and submit the online Application Form by clicking the Invest Now button. Please make payment via EFT within 48 hours of completing the Application Form. Alternatively please contact us should you wish to make payment using Cheque.

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* Note that this is a No Obligation Expression of interest, you get to review the Prospectus before making any decisions

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